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Five Things I Learnt After Year Two In Business

Five Things I Learnt After Year Two In Business

Last year, I sat down to write a piece on things I learnt after our first year in business and it honestly feels like a few weeks ago! The Fish Stop in Killybegs celebrated its second year in business in mid-September and we couldn’t be prouder of how far we’ve come. After taking some time to reflect, here are five things we’ve learnt after year two and we hope it helps any budding entrepreneurs or business owners:

  1. Marketing – A Key Part of A Successful Business

You’ve heard it time and again but you still don’t put the resources into managing your marketing properly. Marketing covers a broad range of things but let’s start at the beginning – know who your customer is. It’s vital to know who your target market is, what their habits are and how to reach them.

Secondly, what’s your marketing campaign? Are you always thinking about ideas but miss the season or event? My advice is to always look ahead and plan well in advance. For example, it’s coming up to Halloween, Black Friday (Green Friday), Cyber Monday, Buy Donegal, etc, use those dates to create content for your social media calendar and marketing activities.

If you're at the point where you know all the right things to do, but still don't have the adequate time to manage the marketing to the best of its ability, look to take on a part-time employee or outsource to an agency. The bottom line is that it's an investment in your business because without visibility, who will know about your product / service?

  1. Social Media

Social media is a brilliant platform to shout about you and your business, and the best news is that it is a free tool – unless you commit to ad spend. One of the main pitfalls of social media is using the wrong platform and not sharing enough content. Look at what platforms your customer is using. If you’re targeting teenagers what’s the best tool? Snapchat, TikTok? Or if it’s women aged from 24 – 45, you need to be on Instagram.

When posting, ask yourself, what will this post do for my customer? Does it meet a need, give them a motive to purchase or give them key information to want to continue following you.

Video content is this year's hot favourite trend so don't be afraid to experiment and use this tool. 

  1. Added Value

After two years in business (and over 35 years’ experience in the seafood industry), we know that the majority of our customers are looking for quality, easy and convenient dinner options and that’s why our Ocean To Oven range works. It’s quick, nutritious and easy to cook but it doesn’t compromise on quality and flavours. Always look for new opportunities for added value products and make your customers life easier – it’ll generate more sales.

  1. Your Team

This was a key point in last year’s round-up but it’s still equally as important. Build a strong team from the start and listen to their ideas. They are one of the best assets within your business and their opinions and voices can really help strengthen the business and highlight if something isn't working.

We are blessed to have such hard-working teams in The Fish Stop and Atlantic Treasures - their input and continued hard work is at the heart of two businesses. 

  1. Take Time

In 2020, the world came to a halt which was an ideal time to reflect and take stock. Things have been picking up in 2021 (which is great to see), but don’t get bogged down in becoming a busy bee again with filled calendars seven days a week. Don’t be afraid to switch off and take time for yourself and your families. Stick to routine and once it hits home time, GO! Switch off in the evening and come back recharged and ready for the new day ahead. 

Are you starting a business or maybe working solo and need someone to talk to and bounce ideas off? Don't be afraid to pick up the phone and give me a call. I’d be more than happy to help! My email is michael@islandseafoodsltd.ie

Best wishes,


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